Roosters and Hawkshead breweries take over the taps at Starling for the launch of their collaboration beer… One Trick Pony – A Rose Lemonade Sour.

Brewers and back of house staff will be here, and we’ll have some free nibbles.

Beers that will be on t’ taps…
Roosters / Hawkshead – One Trick Pony
Roosters – Baby Faced Assassin
Roosters – Londinium
Roosters – 25th Anniversary
Hawkshead – Session IPA
Hawkshead – NZPA
Hawkshead – Tonka

Roosters – Red State
Roosters – Northern Powerhouse
Roosters – Franklin
Hawkshead – Cumbrian 5 Hop
Hawkshead – Windermere Pale

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