We set out in late 2016 to create a relaxed cafe bar with equal emphasis on amazing craft beer and stunning specialist coffee, alongside simple but great quality homemade food. The challenge was always going to be achieving this in the same place. We’ve worked hard to create a space which is equally as comfortable for a coffee and a bacon sarnie first thing, as it is for a pint or a gin and tonic in the evening.

We certainly think it does what it says on the tin, and we strive to make sure the products/ingredients and service are our primary focus in everything we deliver. We are not a bar that also happens to serve coffee, or a café that also sells alcohol. We are the Starling Independent Bar Cafe Kitchen and we do both equally well!

Why Starling we keep getting asked?

On the face of it a drab little bird just like any other. But to see them flying together in a flock inches from each others’ wings more intricately and aerobatically than the Red Arrows and you are blown away by the awesome capabilities of this little bird. It’s true magic only evident when flying as part of a community, a team. Those values are the back bone of our vision and goals too. Whilst appearing to be just like any other bar, we strive to be different and to stand out in both offer and service. We can only achieve this consistency as a team, you’re only as strong as your weakest team member. We put a lot of time and effort into recruiting like minded, passionate individuals and giving them the knowledge and tools to carry complete the jigsaw.